Poetry magazine

We are a poetry magazine that offers readers an eclectic list of the most inventive and stimulating poetry from the UK and abroad. Our beautifully designed books range from lost modernist classics to translations of senior international poets and vibrant collections by the best young British poets around.

Radical poetic voices

We bring radical and marginalised voices to the fore, reflecting the aesthetic value of their work in outstanding book design, including dust jackets; large font; and original artwork for the covers. With its diverse and growing list, our magazine breaks down the borders between contemporary schools of poetry, to forge a new poetics based on respect for craft, innovation and the challenge of real communication.

Poetry podcasting

We run a poetry podcasting project which works with poets throughout the United Kingdom. The project features published, performance, emerging and established poets reading their own work online and out loud.

The project has been live since June 2009. There are currently many poems online from several individual poets. Find out more in the About section.

This podcast project is part of the Save Our Presses campaign to champion poetry and fiction presses across the UK. If you like the poetry you hear on this site, please purchase books if you are able.

Poetry and prose

Generally speaking, we aim to maintain an overall balance between poetry and prose in our issues. Some lean a little more one way or another, but we hope to give roughly equal space to both. This can mean, for example, that certain issues may be more open to prose or poetry, depending on the balance of suitable submissions we’ve received. In the case of our forthcoming winter issue, on translation, for example, we have so far received more excellent and suitable poetry than prose: this means that anyone sending in good versions of short fiction cast into English from other languages currently has a higher than usual chance of winning a place in that issue’s contents. There is still room for more poems, too, and for essays and stories on themes more loosely related to the main thread of the issue’s theme, but there’s a bit more room for prose at this point in the evolution of that particular issue.


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